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The Coloring books and illustrated fairytales of Andrea and Joel Dombecki
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Bigfoot and Friends Coloring book

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Our Story

Andrea and Joel are lifelong artists. They share a passion for creating art together.

They are inspired by nature and fantasy. They love to draw fairies, unicorns, flowers, trees, gnomes, and bigfoot. They use a variety of mediums such as ink, watercolor, acrylic, digital art and more! 


Andrea and Joel lived in the Pacific Northwest for 14 year where there is an abundance of inspiration. They are inspired by the tons of flowers, trees, plants, moss, mountains, waterfalls and butterflies! They now they live in the  Sioux Falls, South Dakota.


They are currently working on new illustrated story books, coloring books and oracle card decks!

OUr Books


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The Fairy Christmas Friends Coloring book

The Fairylandra Coloring book

My Books
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