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The Enchanted Fairy Heart Oracle opens the way for you to connect with the fairies and mother earth. Receive powerful messages of love and healing with each card. Connect with the magical creatures of the fairy realm. The cards have fairies, gnomes, dwarfs, trees, animals and more!
This deck is based on over 10 years of Andrea Dombecki's art. Andrea recreated all her art in digital format. Andrea's husband Joel Dombecki also helped illustrate some of the male characters in the deck like the Dragon, Gnome, Dwarf, Fairy prince, Fairy King. He also helped create certain flowers and animals etc.
44 oracle cards with a 40 page booklet


Connect with the healing power of the angel realm through uplifting angel art and messages. Get to know your angels. Including Archangels, Guardian angels, cherubs and all different types of angels. This deck is for angel lovers! Dive deeper into your relationship with your loving angels. Open you heart to more faith and divine angel connection in life. The angelic cards are visions that are a gateways to the angels. The art pieces are visual activations to the help you connect with the energies of the angel realm.

Angels are a beautiful loving presence in our lives and when we focus on them we bring more love into our world. Angels are powerful spirit guides helping us to connect with the miracle power of love.

46 card deck with 38 page booklet in fold box. The cards are 3.5 in x 5.5 in Deck includes my original angel art work and channeled angel messages. Created by Andrea Dombecki

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Connect with the magic of the unicorn realm!

47 oracle cards with Andrea Dombecki's Original Unicorn Art with Joel Dombecki. 16 page booklet with messages from the unicorn realm.

Cards are 3 inches by 5 inches Andrea Dombecki

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The Fairy Wish Mandala deck is a set of 48 cards. Each card has a fairy mandala on the front and a fairy wish statement on the back. These cards are designed to help you invite the magic of the fairy realm and nature into your life. Art by Andrea Dombecki with Joel Dombecki. Cards are 3.5" Diameter circles.

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